What do you think of someone who likes to use a word as bad as "dumbf---" repeatedly at someone at the same person?

2022.01.24 09:49 Mind_Blowns What do you think of someone who likes to use a word as bad as "dumbf---" repeatedly at someone at the same person?

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2022.01.24 09:49 Morgan-992 Non-Slip Design: No-slip bottom will keep the dishpan steady and held firmly in place, while the contoured ergonomic handles make pick-up easy. It's perfect for scraping ingredients into a pot or waste into the trash.

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2022.01.24 09:49 YungFloppin i forgot where i found this but it’s fucking great

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2022.01.24 09:49 principle_fbundle It will be fine, right?

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2022.01.24 09:49 exnihiliosonic Pi Solution of Infinity

The Infinity Calculation Method of the Constant Pi for the Legacy and Proof on the Truth by the Knowledge Revelation of the Nature on Pi
Step 1
First we will choose an approximation of Pi.
In this case 355/113 will do and any other fraction could do either but we’ll stick with this one for an example.
Then, we multiply by 2 to get us the approximation for Tau.
2*(355/133) =
As we see, we have a remainder given because it doesn’t match Pi exactly of course.
-5.335283781248446247378657729926676081039046556146872789568... × 10^-7
or just half of it is,
Pi-355/113=-2.667641890624223123689328864963338040519523278073436394784... × 10^-7 = c1
Step 2
Next we will subtract the approx. of Tau from the number 7.
7 - 6.2831858407079646017699115044247787610619469026548672566371681415…
Then we take approx. Tau again and subtract the obtained result.
6.2831858407079646017699115044247787610619469026548672566371681415… -
5.5663716814159292035398230088495575221238938053097345132743362831... (a)
Step 3
Further, we take again Pi as a perforation and use negative 4 times Pi and also subtract our gained last result.
-4Pi + 5.5663716814159292035398230088495575221238938053097345132743362831... (a) =
Next, we add the number 7 to it which gives us a new remainder.
-6.999998932943243750310750524268454014664783792190688770625442086 + 7 = 1.067056756249689249475731545985335216207809311229374557914...×10^-6
Step 4
Also of course, we may have found the new remainder by taking negative 4Pi multiplied with the approx. of Pi and add to the product 4Pi and will receive the negative value for the new remainder. Like this,
-4*(355/113) + 4Pi = -1.0670567562496892494757315459853352162078093112293745579139... × 10^-6
Step 5
Now we can put the decimal values into an equation where we plot for x.
We set x for Pi to get the new result.
(1) (-4*(355/113)+4x) = -1.0670567562496892494757315459853352162078093112293745579139... × 10^-6
(2) Here we take the negative of -4Pi and add number 7 to the result (a) with.
-4x+5.5663716814159292035398230088495575221238938053097345132743362831...+7 =
1.067056756249689249475731545985335216207809311229374557914... × 10^-6
We can see, both solutions are quite the same of course and both differ also by being one negative and one positive by the different approach to calculate for the different variant by compiling the plus and minus for each side unevenly. But here is the knack point and the hidden trick to it. If we take them into an equation for to derive a new result just by plotting and using the terms Pi for x, we can still make out a valuable result without violating the mathematical rules.
8x= 5.5663716814159292035398230088495575221238938053097345132743362831...+7 +4*(355/113)
Here we check on the remainder for the value of x and indeed come to the same result as in Step 1 as before and it seems to be paradoxical.
2.667641890624223123689328864963338040519523278073436394784... × 10^-7
But that’s not finished and we continue on for the trick will proceed by plotting another equation for the variable y put set as Pi.
We set y for Pi and configure the minus and pluses.
Further next, we can testify the value for y by subtracting the number 1.75 as an example for to see why it could be a paradoxical result once again like the value for x remains the same as c1.
we check again with Pi.
-2.6676418906242231236893288649633380405195232780734363948... × 10^-7
Nothing out of the extraordinary by now because this is just our remainder of c1 in the negative version as usual but if we plus and add to the y value 3*1.75 instead, then it will get us the double symmetrical backshift to track the middle for the Pi lot.
This result obtained is the main factor of the hidden trick to operate for all the digits of Pi (e.g. as in above).
y+3*1.75= 3.8584070796460176991150442477876106194690265486725663716814159293…
Step 6
Finally, we come to the last operation to retrieve Pi ad infinitum. We have the values for x and y now given and put them together into an equation for each occupy the left and right side in the setting.
(A) 4-Pi-3.8584070796460176991150442477876106194690265486725663716814159293…= (B) -x-Pi
which cannot be equal but if we just calculate on without the negative and positive conclusion, we still are able to just adapt it to the equation straight away to let it be defined on depending on the Pi only, as the main deduction for our logical supposition because it may as well be valid and works out legitimate according to mathematical laws to imply.
So we add to the left -Pi and to the right +Pi+3.
For the left side we have then and check it for its remainder.
2.66764189062422312368932886496333804051952327807343639479×10^-7 (c1)
We still check for what the remainder would be for the right side of the equation.
-6.283185840707964601769911504424778761061946902654867256637168141... and
-5.33528378124844624737865772992667608103904655614687278956... × 10^-7
which is the remainder from Tau from the beginning of Step 1.
Hence, A and B will complement in our final result in true balance as through tarrying given.
Proof and evidential indication:
Now thus, for the ending to reveal the Infinity Calculation Method of the Constant Pi, we will take g for to put Pi as our designated variable and multiply both sides with -1 and obtain.
-4+Pi+3.8584070796460176991150442477876106194690265486725663716814159293…-Pi= +x+Pi +P+3
-4+g+3.8584070796460176991150442477876106194690265486725663716814159293… -g = +x+g +g+3
In Step 5, we just take the opposite of each remainder in opposite of the equation for calculating for x.
For y we just take an equation which also isn‘t the same on both sides by having changed the minus and pluses.
Note that because all numbers, except the Pi as the variables, are normal decimal numbers derived from the ratio 355/113, we may calculate our x and y as we want to in our liked preferences.
Further next on, we can see that both cancel each one another out to solve us for Pi because the x is higher and the y is lower by c1=c2 through having the equation differ in value for configuration. Therefore, we could manage with Step 5 and 6 to fit in for our shifting to even the division by 2 to obtain the constant Pi exactly and perfectly accurate and also absolutely legitimate by still holding the basic mathematical laws.
We can see here exactly that Pi can be calculated to all its digits by means of decimal numbers taken from the approximation for Pi in my simple calculation for a new method to help the computer just match out the numbers for Pi in this demonstration by balancing the lower and the upper boundary for to break even on the constant Pi and therefore it is the most fastest way to solve Pi. Logically seen, the Infinity Calculation Method of Pi is a truly amazing marvel in the history of mathematics and the hidden secret had to be overcome by the trick released from shifting through matching the solving scheme of constructing the right pattern fit to break even for the middle margin of Pi between its upper and lower boundary of the approximation of Pi from the fraction 355/113.
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2022.01.24 09:49 UselessDeadMemes My brain feels like it turns off when I hear a very specific noise. Is this a common occurrence for others?

Ever since I was a kid there has been a certain noise that when I hear it or remember it I just can't function. The noise makes my brain feel fuzzy, goosebumps and makes my jaw drop. It is the most uncomfortable thing to happen.
The noise is not a common noise and it relates to two specific materials grinding against each other. I wont say what they are to avoid trolls.
Does anyone else have this issue?
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2022.01.24 09:49 a-chicken-nuggie AAAAAASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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2022.01.24 09:49 ZoobBot 203089

This is the 203089th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.24 09:49 _Ginger_Wasabi_ Out for blood

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2022.01.24 09:49 IolaMoon So, my feeling was right.

Link Here
So, I was trying to give this OP the benefit of the doubt, but she just had to prove me right. She hates her MIL, with some good reason, but she is blind to every red flag that her new husband is doing a flag dance with. He smashed a phone because his mother said she wasn't going to their wedding reception, he excuses everything his mother does and says, he refuses to allow the OP to go low contact for months, then when she finally does he says, "Fine, but keep me out of it." Of course, now OP is dying to have a baby with this emotionally stunted jerk.
Seriously, I can't emphasize enough how much the OP paints him in a bad light, while simultaneously excusing everything he does.
When I point out that smashing a phone is not good behavior for a dude you want to procreate with, she fat shames her MIL. I point out that is not good either, so she doubles down and uses the excuse that MILs disordered eating is one of the things that makes her horrible.
Sorry OP, I think you fucking suck now too.
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2022.01.24 09:49 zencefilhackteam Headshot attı

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2022.01.24 09:49 DanSovereign 1960 Austin-Healey Sprite

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2022.01.24 09:49 Emergency_Ability_21 Vaush was a bit too Doomer about Nuclear War Regarding Ukraine. But he was right about Grayzone types

Biden admin has made it clear that NATO troops will only fight Russians if Russia attacks a NATO country. In the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine (looks increasingly likely), the US will respond with massive material aid towards Ukraine and even more crippling sanctions placed on Russia. The idea from the US perspective would be to help Ukrainians fight the invaders, not to fight those invaders directly.
As a result, unless Putin is completely insane and keeps on going into Romania or Poland or another NATO state, a spiral towards Nuclear War isn’t really a possibility.
Besides that, Vaush was on the money regarding the disinfo and the narrative of justified grievances Russia is and will push via Grayzone types and useful idiots like Secular Talk or shoe.
Get ready to hear how understandable it is that Russia just had to invade its neighbors because of all the mean shit NATO did. How it’s so evil that NATO allowed states in central and Eastern Europe to voluntarily apply and join NATO, because they had a crazy notion that Russia might be a threat to them. Can you believe that? Seriously, all Kyle Kulinski has had to about this is how bad NATO has been in the situation.
A few ideas on how to respond to this apologia for expansionism:
-Doesn’t fucking matter. Russia is the invader and the escalating party here. Nothing NATO has done gives it just cause to invade and annex other states. It is self evidently proving why it’s neighbors should fear it and why they should seek alliances for protection.
-Ask about the 1994 agreement where Russia promised to respect Ukrainian sovereignty after they gave up their nuclear weapons. Ukraine has come to regret giving those up
-Ask if they would be this interested in the invaders’ justifications it was 2003 and it was the US invading Iraq.
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2022.01.24 09:49 jaytiz Quite proud of these numbers lol

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2022.01.24 09:49 xanaduuu Cyberpunk icon Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo: Iron Man) interview for Dazed

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2022.01.24 09:49 alan1025 Regice 5015 8620 6981

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2022.01.24 09:49 Commercial_Scale1882 River Rd Explosion

Who else got woken by the loud zapping sound, the sky lit up like a carnival, and then a big boom?
Pretty sure it was the power station at the bend in the road. Have not seen any news on it.
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2022.01.24 09:49 Divya-6969 Esshanya Maheshwari in navel baring white saree raising the heat.

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2022.01.24 09:49 Le-on_el_pro New template maybe

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2022.01.24 09:49 seederbeast [WP] "There's plenty of fish in the sea". You chuckled while reading an ancient expression that you found while doing your history assignment. Fish has gone extinct over 300 years ago, thanks to those underwater cities.

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2022.01.24 09:49 420Bootywzrd Still haven't found a long term sugarbaby

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2022.01.24 09:49 Diablo996 Boards the Ender 3v2 ships with. At time of writing (Jan 2022) numerous new owners of new printers are finding they have 4.3.1 boards fitted. I figured it was worth mentioning for new users and for those answering the usual questions on board questions.

Boards the Ender 3v2 ships with. At time of writing (Jan 2022) numerous new owners of new printers are finding they have 4.3.1 boards fitted. I figured it was worth mentioning for new users and for those answering the usual questions on board questions. submitted by Diablo996 to EnderCommonSense [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 09:49 Yunozan-2111 Charles Tilly's State Formation in East Asia?

Is Charles Tilly's theory of modern state formation applicable to the modern nation-states of Japan and South Korea?
According to Tilly, the modern nation state was developed by security pressures and that made political elites developed forms of centralization and bureaucratization to wage war, expand their territories and defend their holdings against rivals. Now he is mostly applied his thesis to European state formation but can it also be used to describe the political developments of modern Japanese and Korean states?
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2022.01.24 09:49 Junior1874747 What was your most awkward response on a job interview when they asked you “ Why do you want to work here?”

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2022.01.24 09:49 Beneficial-King7090 How do down load planets

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