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Dear redditors, how was your day?

Schedule an appointment online, book online. Loading... ... Easily create surveys and polls to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, and organize team events. Quickly create quizzes to measure student knowledge, evaluate class progress, and focus on subjects that need improvement. Microsoft Forms automatically provides charts to visualize your data as you collect responses in real time. e-TeleQuote – Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Provider {{flash.message}} {{flash.message}} Choose your neighborhood. New York Sports Clubs; Boston Sports Clubs; Philadelphia Sports Clubs; Washington Sports Clubs ×. × () () × () () () An Error Occurred. Services for this domain name have been disabled. Manage cookies ... ... Featured Events. From 01.15.2022. TI Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop: Boulder, CO ; From 01.16.2022. TI Freestyle Workshop: New Paltz, NY - Winter Special SpeedyShare provides secure cloud storage for your photos, videos, music and any other file.

2022.01.24 09:51 RealPace3 Dear redditors, how was your day?

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2022.01.24 09:51 larrow11 This is soup

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2022.01.24 09:51 Shoddy-Efficiency-34 I don’t dream

I fell down a 200 ft cliff and hit my head so hard that my face dislocated doctors say, SO I got a TBI. And resulting from that, I don’t dream. My boyfriend this last Christmas got a dream catcher and now I have these amazing, vivid dreams sooo that’s crazy and I love it. I recommend getting one if you have trouble with dreaming after a TBI.
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2022.01.24 09:51 lolipopnws Why you should drink pukka lean matcha green

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2022.01.24 09:51 hebdomad7 First performance review at big corp job.

I've had my first round of monthly performance reviews. Fuck they are terrifying.
"Lets go through every little thing you fucked up the past month...Oh you're new and thrown through an accelerated training program with half the resources people normally get? Just suck it up buddy! Just reach out to support and ignore 3/4 of management/support staff are off sick because of covid and I haven't looked at half your work"
Fuckers expect me to perform and they haven't had the time to review my work so I could correct newbie mistakes. And they wonder why I spend so much fucking time fixing shit.
Oh I'm also undiagnose ADHD and definitely on the spectrum. So learning anything new for me is fucking hard. Despite the fact I LOVE learning new things... and trains.
My boss is a well educated corporate normie. And everything they say is corporate speak. My manager swims in corporate koolaids for breakfast.
So there's no way I could tell them "oh hey I also have a learning disability but don't worry. Me big smooth brain smart and stuff." Because their eyes would roll into the back of their head as their brain hard restarts because they can't fucking compute the difficulties I have.
"Oh you seem normal, you interviewed so well etc" ... yeah well spending ten bloody plus years at university taught me how you normies think! And now I can adapt my communications and presentations really well...
I don't hate my manager. They be a good person. But fuckin hell I'm scared and stressed right now. I quit a stable dead end job to pursue a higher paying career opportunity.
This wasn't supposed to be a logical rant essay. I'm tired I should fucking sleep.
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2022.01.24 09:51 cryptocalbot HIMO WORLD - NFT REDEMPTION - Steps to Redeem NFT For Tokens - Genesis Shards (GS): January 24, 2022 12:00 PM UTC

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2022.01.24 09:51 Fabulous-Midnight-49 Could some identify the shell they are looking at?

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2022.01.24 09:51 LandoCommando40 [WTS] Eotech EXPS 2-0 with Unity Fast Riser Combo (OH)

Unity Fast riser is brand new. Was mounted for 50 rounds and taken off. Eotech is in great condition. Just some minor wear on the hood. Both items have original boxes and comes with a factory items.
Looking to get $550 OBO for both.
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/mOUNuYy
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2022.01.24 09:51 Mazzocchi Nightly Pick ‘em Game for January 24th

Today's game will be: Vegas Golden Knights (24-15-2) at Washington Capitals (23-10-9) at 7:00 PM ET.
Click here to submit your pick (To confirm your pick, mention the team that you chose in the comment thread. Please also remember to either input your name in the box or select your name from the drop-down if it’s there.)
Click here to view real-time standings, and game results

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2022.01.24 09:51 MequonX Brook Donnelly

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2022.01.24 09:51 Mayadasi माया का नशा जीव पर हावी है। जैसे दहेज यानी पराया धन प्राप्त करने की व्यर्थ परम्परा अध्यात्म ज्ञान रूपी औषधि सेवन करने से जीव का नशा उतर जाता है। फिर वह भक्ति के सफर पर चलता है क्योंकि उसे परमात्मा के पास पहुँचना है जो उसका अपना पिता है।

माया का नशा जीव पर हावी है। जैसे दहेज यानी पराया धन प्राप्त करने की व्यर्थ परम्परा अध्यात्म ज्ञान रूपी औषधि सेवन करने से जीव का नशा उतर जाता है। फिर वह भक्ति के सफर पर चलता है क्योंकि उसे परमात्मा के पास पहुँचना है जो उसका अपना पिता है। submitted by Mayadasi to SaintRampalJi [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 09:51 InternFearless177 Manhua recommendations

Is there manhua where MC is already the strongest character on chapter 1?
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2022.01.24 09:51 Electronic_Safe2134 Acctual face reveal 😎

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2022.01.24 09:51 Inverzet-Resistanze bitchute.com/video/MQLOETLxZ9Sb/ Canada- The MEME NATION Jumps the Shark BitChute

bitchute.com/video/MQLOETLxZ9Sb/ Canada- The MEME NATION Jumps the Shark BitChute submitted by Inverzet-Resistanze to uitdeEUredNederland [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 09:51 massahwahl Texas Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Buy Walmart Shopper's Son for $500,000

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2022.01.24 09:51 joebillsamsonite [US-WV] [H] GPX Superlight W/Corepads [W] PayPal

Timestamp Album
Got this about a month ago, only selling because I picked up a Pulsar Xlite Wireless and an ergo is just better for me. Has corepads installed, will ship in box with cable, dongle, and extender.
Would like to get $90 shipped priority
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2022.01.24 09:51 tahiri550 Which one cost less, Tri-brigade or Drytron deck for Ranked

I just started to play Master duel, i've been farming Gems from the Solo mode. i have around 10k gems, only spent 600 for Gold pass.
I want to craft either one of them : https://www.masterduelmeta.com/tier-list/deck-types/Drytron https://www.masterduelmeta.com/tier-list/deck-types/Tri-Brigade
Will that be possible with the amount of gems i have, and what is the best strategy to spend them? Is there any recommended secret packs i should spam to complete one of these decks.
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2022.01.24 09:51 Madamoiselle_Martine Question About Navigation Menu

I was wondering if it is possible to create pages where the navigation menu does not appear. In other words, can you customize a splash page so that it does not have a navigation menu, and a home page (for when we launch) that has a navigation menu? Thanks!
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2022.01.24 09:51 Samsam54m My name is Slate, and I have witnessed a masochistic madhatchling do unspeakable things.

There I was, just tending my fire and waiting for my buddy to wake up before their big launch day. They wake up and immediately proceed to the launch pad. I’m a little surprised at this; I thought they had to go get the launch codes from hornfels but apparently they’ve already got em. Well, good for them.
Except after that, nothing was good. They take off in the ship, only to bring it right back down in front of me, nearly crushing me in the process. I figure something must be wrong, I ain’t seen this typea recklessness since feldspar was our main pilot. Completely ignoring my protests and questions when they pop out the ship, they proceed to throw themselves in my lil campfire. I start freaking out and trying to get em to stop, but they just stand there, motionless and expressionless, like they don’t feel their flesh burning and melting. It’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen!
I stand there in shock as they walk back to their ship, and 5 seconds later they pop back out, somehow completely fine. Their suit that was completely ablaze just moments before is spotless. What the hell???? I thought I’d seen the stuff of nightmares by that point, but I tell you I was sorely mistaken. This brand new “astronaut” spends the next 5 minutes of their first ever chance at flight repeating this hellish ritual, and never even looking in my direction, much less saying a single word to me. I might as well have been one of them statues, with how everything I tried to stop this madness went unacknowledged. Eventually my own shock musta turned me into a statue, because I was rooted to the spot.
I don’t know how many times I had to witness that horror, but after a while they paused. I didn’t dare speak.
They then stood in the flames one more time, like they had to be sure they had satisfied whatever abominable God that had decreed this torture, and then promptly fell asleep exactly where they woke up just.. no, it can’t be just earlier today. Surely that was an eternity ago.
I… I fear I will never recover from this. How could I?
It’s been 2 days. They’re still asleep. Perhaps it is my trauma speaking, but the sun seems evil. Big, red, and ominous. A merciless uncaring glare, letting me know I will never experience joy again.
Hold on…. They’re waking up…
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2022.01.24 09:51 Bygaenon Just clocked 110.000 KM in my DAF. What's your favorite truck?

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2022.01.24 09:51 itsRadioVoice COVID-19 tests for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in England to be scrapped, PM confirms | Travel News

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2022.01.24 09:51 Grrmpf dBTC or BTC - what comes out after SWAP @ DEX

Hello at all. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I guess you can answer it quickly. Best.

I see at the DEX only "dBTC" - so there I wonder:
When I swap DFI to BTC: What do I get`. BTC or dBTC?

The same with Ether.
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2022.01.24 09:51 0chillz ITAP of a ring necked parrot

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2022.01.24 09:51 DarthFather91 Best Highlights of The Week

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2022.01.24 09:51 MungaMike What is the new meaning of “trap?”

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