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On-chain data shows Bitcoin short-term holders are increasingly selling at a loss following the latest crash in the crypto’s price. Bitcoin Short-Term Holder SOPR Dips Further Below One As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, on-chain data shows that the STH SOPR has decreased to July levels, suggesting that short-term holders are increasingly realizing their losses. The Spent Output P
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2021.12.06 20:55 lovinlifealot Are my GI dreams too lofy?

ok so I have an abstract submitted to a national conference pending acceptance.
The research person I'm with kinda knows me but mainly just emails back and forth with me. there's another GI person that kinda knows me so there's 2 LORs. idk if they will be strong.
my evals in general have been meh. As a senior, I have only gotten one random clinic eval in 6 months! it's ridiculous and guess what- it was a mix of 3s and 4s.
just wondering if i should just give up. i saw that average eval today and kinda lost it....
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2021.12.06 20:55 Lick_The_Coil Let’s talk about the checks:

How much was Moira’s sister’s check, Wendy’s check and the check from Twyla to Alexis? Moira’s sister: $100 (cheap ass) Wendy’s check $400k (she gave David 10%) Twyla’s check $10K (she talked about it maybe getting Alexis a place to live in NY)
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2021.12.06 20:55 PersonWhoLikes2 On S6E10, thoughts (Harry Morgan criticism)

I'm having my first watch of the show and am on S6E10. It's not a specific plot of the episode, but I have come to the conclusion that... Harry Morgan was the worst.
I'm not sure if this is something others speak about, but I genuinely think Harry was a awful awful man. In the long run he ruined Dexter's life.
If you have a child who is clearly suffering from some lack of empathy disorder to the point they are slaughtering animals, they need psychological help from a professional. Harry's alternate solution is to pretty much program the child to become a vigilante serial killer. And that ultimately, is Dexter's tragedy. He either goes into his life as a bloodthirsty killer who has grown up with his sick qualities being endorsed and provided for by his father figure, or he gets caught and his life is wasted and ruined in prison.
To add insult to injury, Harry pretty much makes Deb feel emotionally neglected so that he can continue taking advantage of a sick child.
Also does he have any concern of what may happen to Deb if his little project gets caught? Having a convicted serial killer of a brother is not going to have a good affect on her life.
Bottom line is the more I watch the show the more I see that Harry was a horrible person and a horrible father who has basically screwed over both of his kids for life.
And Dexter is so brainwashed he's never going to see the one person who has truly ruined his entire life truly is... He will forever see him as his saviour and hero.
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2021.12.06 20:55 WhiteDevil-Klab My original character Damon Fotia son of thanatos [general]

I made a percy jackson/riordanverse oc just kinda wanted to show people a lil bit nervous but I know In reality not many people will respond
This is going to be very long lol (I'm just putting his character bio to) also he isn't very good so ready if you want to
Story Name: Son of a soul reaper: Not so broken Full Name: Damon Fotia Gender: Male Age: 11-17
Alias: •The child of Death •GhostBoy •AngelKid •Zombie •Angel of death
Family: •Thanatos (Father) •elena Fotia (Mother) •Vulcan (Grandfather) •Amora (sister) •Cabin 9 (aunts/uncles) •Quinn hart (Boyfriend)
Affiliation: Camp half blood (formerly) Residence: England(formerly) New york
Item: ring of Darkness Status: Alive Race: English
Eyes: Gold Hair: Black Height: 5'3/5'6/6'0 Species: Demi-God and legacy
Appearance: Damon has a pale complexion. (And almost appears see through at certain angles) He has dishevelled, black hair and honey golden eyes which he inherited from his father.
He has a Serious but, Foxy smile. Damon gets his handsome looks from his father and was mistaken as a child of eros at first, He doesn't seem to know it or may simply refuse to acknowledge it, but a great number of girls and even (some) men find him extremely attractive.
At the beginning, Damon was average (albeit skinny and short) in athletics but later from his training, becomes very fit, muscular, (though still very skinny) and lean. He obtained a white streak of hair in his hair Because of stress Damon has a tattoo of a scythe under his arm although he had no idea where he got it from Damon grew even more handsome, muscular, taller, and a bit tanner with training from camp half blood
Damon smells like chocolate chip cookies kiwi and death but not strong faint and peaceful like it would make you Not be scared of dying. It is said when Damon pleads, his honey golden eyes seemed to be "like a man that has seen one thousand wars yet still some how looks like a lost puppy"
Apollo is struck by Damon close resemblance to his father Thanatos, noting that he had the same handsome features, "which easily shifted from seriousness to humor." He was noted to have short, nimble fingers Damon has long, messy hair, and wore tattered jeans and a hoodie that says he also has two half white half black wrist bands around then which is funny since Damon isn't at all edgy and can be a very funny albeit untrusting person Damon is actually very peaceful but can instantly turn hostile
History: Damon's birth was staged by the entity itself so he could ̶̢̧̗̂̔̒͑͌͛̽ψ̵̡̨̈́̅̄͜͝͝ ̸͙̝̋͆̈́͊͐̐͝S̴͎̾̎̊̂̂Ȁ̵̝̬̭V̶͎̙̠̪͚͇͚̽Ë̷̼͖́̅̈ ̴̢̺͔́͐̐̕T̴̰̮̟̬̄͑͘͜Ȇ̶͖̩̩́̌̚M̶̩̟̥̬̬̎̑̉̚͘͜ ̴̨̝͉͖͠ ̸̫͔͎͈͎̥͊͛̌̅͗͘ (save them)
Damon originally lived as a boy named agrios. That boy had reincarnated into Damon
Unfortuanley Damon's mother gave him up when he was 5 after.
protecting him with her pyrokenetic abilities a rare ability she inherited from vulcan (god of fire and metals) and becoming disabled
damon had a very strong scent even without knowing he was a demi god (children of gods have exceptionally powerful scents that make monster attacks frequent being a legacy of Vulcan and demi god child of thanatos) his mother was also a demi god which made there scent even stronger.
One day after a particularly nasty attack, his mother became disabled unable to walk she was forced to give up damon and prayed to thanatos and vulcan to watch over him and put him in a orphanage Vulcan didn't interfere in his life but one day when he was playing with the other kids a monster attacked them and one of his friends a Girl died infront of him traumatising him he beileved he had killed her and he ran away again.
Believing it was unfair he began to unknowningly resent his father.
around this time Vulcan began watching over his grandson in pity (Mostly because he didn't want to be like juno his mother)
[thanatos prayed to his mother to protect Damon so Nyx (goddess of darkness) created a human child she named nyssa with the essence of a human.] -experimental idea
Anyhow Damon ran away from the orphanage seven-year-old Damon ran into the woods where he encountered a tree nymph (minor goddess of earth) who gave him a present from his father a -scythe- and taught him how to use it eventually again he had to leave.
Damon was hiding under a sheet of newspaper in a alley way attempting to sleep when mortal people found him After removing the sheet of newspaper, Damon ran toward them with his scythe and almost decapited them with it, thinking they were a monsters they took away the scythe and took Damon in.
He grew close to his "mortal" adopted half brother -ethan- but he knew he would put them in danger so he ran away. Eventually he found a 8th grade text book thinking the 8 meant you had to learn it by 8years old he memorized the whole thing.
he walked and walked until he was in a unknown land of snow there his father as an old man gave him a gift and told him not to open it until one years had passed Damon opened it anyway about a month later. it gave him basic supplies such as ambrosia nectar although he had a feeling not to use to much.
Clothes and weapons came the most notable the ring of darkness that allowed him to summon his scythe any time anywhere and out came a ghost who was his guardian Nekros
although damon would quickly become fed up with him and it also had his mothers address but the box also unleashed a curse. the gods [zues] had placed a curse on Damon to test Damon's patience and wether or not he could be considered a "pandora's box" the gods let thanatos (god of death) help his child but under a strict condition he was not till open till he was nine years when Damon opened it anyway it gave him a curse a curse that made him VERY vulnerable to silver and had gave his mother madness as a punishment
(vulcan enraged at his daughter and grandsons treatment and being the god of metals vulcan gave damon the ability to manipulate [flame?] though he wouldn't know this until much later)
and if he was ever stabbed by a silver blade he would die he later visited
his mother and cried when he saw what had happened before becoming enraged with his life enraged with the gods and most importantly enraged with his father who had been watching over him but he didnt know this and it began causing him to become darker.
one years later as a nine year old Damon had been wondered badly by a hellhound [the only reason he survived is because nyxxie shielded him with darkness?] he was found by another demi god passed out this demi god name was Quinn and he was the child of the god of healing and legacy of ares his great grandfather (this is the last demi god legacy I promise I just thought it was fairly ironic)
he and Damon quickly became friends even when he ran away quinn would always find him they trained together as quinn loved fighting (ironic for the son of the god of healing) but he would always overpower his mortal opponents.
Eventually He was found by cps and brought him to his "grandmother" around this time he began seeing ghost but hid this from his grandmother who noticed it anyway his change and had already begun taking Damon to see a psyche. Damon hated his life at his grandparent's because after he began seeing these ghosts his grandparent's treated him life he was a "special" child, which infuriated Damon.
Eventually he decided he would leave after he stole there car. He told his plans to one of his only friends a boy he befriended there, a boy named Felix
But after this time he began suffering severe headaches
He eventually reunited with quinn
as he did eventually a few months later he and Damon were found by a satyr Max who explained they were demi gods he refused to go to camp half blood at camp half blood he ethan nakurama (who was 13 at the time) quickly became friends Damon couldn't figure it out but there was just something about him that made him similar to Damon
He was first considering to be a child of eros due to his good looks but quickly became out casted when learned to be a child of thanatos
(I'm not 100% on where I'm taking this so I added a bunch of different ideas of where I could take all this it's bland I'm trying to make it better but its pretty meh so far so I'm still trying to look for more ideas and stuff still haven't found something that exactly screams amazing)
Past life: It was October 2nd, 1855 when Agrios Pagos was born to his Mother Atna Pagos and his father Thanatos, God of death, but where getting a bit to ahead of ourselves. Lets begin with when Atna and Thanatos first met.
It was the year 1850 when Atna Pagos, a young and beautiful women, had just become of age and since being born into a wealthy English family Atna was destined to marry someone with the same royal status. Many young suitors came from around the world in hope to capture Atna's heart but, Atna wasn't the type to fall in love in one day. She hated the idea of being forced to find marry someone she didn't love. As Atna walked among the party she spoke to many of the men who had shown up but, none seem to catch her attention let alone capture her heart. after a while of mingling Atna's suddenly felt her body bump into one which was muscular and very tall. She looked up into the mans almost black eyes and began to apologize. Enzo, which was Thanatos fake name, raised his hand and softly laugh. He began to speak and explained that he wasn't watching where he was going and that it was his fault they had bumped into each other.
The two began to talk and laugh and after a while the two went to Atna's room and began to have sexual encounters. The next day Atna's woke up to find Enzo gone. For a short time Atna thought of why Enzo had left but, considering the two only knew each other for a day Atna quickly moved on still she couldn't get him out of her mind. Some weeks after there encounter Atna soon began to show sing of pregnancy. After a check up by the family doctor Atna was told she was 3 weeks pregnant. Harold and Jennifer Pagos both felt repulsed by their daughter for having sexual encounter before marriage so they disowned her and kicked her out of their home. Atna who was now homeless had no idea what to do so she ran away but, decided to keep her child. (Mira Athena Dejean) It was about a month before Atna went through her money she was able to take for her parents. After that she found comfort with one of her best friend and her friend was more then willing. One day while at her friends home Atna was sent an envelope. Atna was unsure who the envelope was from but when she opened the envelope she found a big amount of money in it. She was shock at the amount of money she was sent and wondered who would have sent it to her. Atna of course didn't question anything and tried to save the money just in case of an emergence. (Thanatos sent her the money because he saw the hard time she was going through)
9 months past since Atna was banned from her home and it was soon going to be time for her to have her child. While out at the market Atna was wondering among the stands when suddenly she felt a her water break. Atna began to shout for her friend, who had come with her to the market, and the two jumped in their carriage and rode to the doctors home. Since in this time hospitals were very pricey Atna had her child in the local doctors home. Hours had past and finally (Damon) Agrios was born. agrios life growing up was pretty good.
Atna found a job as a maid but, since she had saved the money Thanatos had given her Atna was pretty well off. When Agrios was around the age of 5 he began to go to school and became quite popular because of his happy personality. He had many friends and would always play with the other kids on his street. Along the year of growing up Agrios's life was fairly good. He spent a lot of time with his mother and would hang out with his friends. Most of the time Agrios could be found at his house or playing the sports of the 1860's Park
First and last Monster Attack:
Around the time of Agrios's 13th birthday he was wondering through the wood looking for something to explore. hours past and Agrios finally decided to give up and go back home, that is until a giant Hell hound popped out from the shadows of the trees. Agrios was terrified and because he had no training his only instinct was to run. He kept running until he was caught between a cliff and the beast. Have nothing else to do Agrios just stood there in fear as the Monster looked to him with a hungry gaze. As the beast pounce forward Agrios took one step back out of fear and plummeted to his death. Hours later his mother and a group of other people came looking for the boy. Sadly Atna found him but he was dead.
While Atna cried in disppear devastated and prayed to thanatos to give him a second chance Thanatos, Agrios father came to claim his soul but, seeing how Atna cried Thanatos also felt sad for the death of his son. He then went to the underworld were he went to Hades and begged Hades to revive his son. After a while of convincing and begging the 2 gods came to the conclusion that Agrios would be reincarnated into thanatos next child with his old memories but he would have to stay in the underworld and work for Hades. Thanatos thanked Hades and then left Agrio/Damon there in the underworld to carry out the deal.
122years Later
And eventually Agrios reincarnated into Damon
Fun fact: Damon's name means Tame Fire while Agrios means Fierce ice
Quotes: "Quinn is very cute...but don't tell I said that! I don't want anyone to thi-!"- Damon to annabeth(one of the few times he's been flustered)
"I use to be like you Being alone? its tough but what can you do? all you can do is push past it you can make friends instead of whining about it respect, friends, there earned no matter how hard to it is and if you wanna whine about it you'll go nowhere if you wanna avoid it you'll go nowhere now man up already" Damon to Nico
"F*** you. I'm human, the real deal, right down to the bone. Don't mistake me for one of you freaks." Damon to kronos
Personality His sense of joy was ground down to near nothing by years of monsters attacks and tragedy, Damon can only be described as a pessimistic, hardened person who doesn't make friends easily and will kill hundreds and hundreds of foe if they try to hurt his few friends Despite that, Damon still harbors a strong sense of justice and compassion, willing to fight for what's right and scorning luke for having betrayed everyone he once loved to become like a host to the titan kronos. Although once lacking direction in life, he eventually finds himself understanding his love for quinn, also devoting his life to fighting and becoming strong.
Damon is grim and solitary, and considerably powerful. His attitude may have changed because of his mothers madness and because He believes that he will never be accepted by Camp Half-Blood, much like how his father thanatos who feels out of place on Olympus.
He is fairly intelligent and tricked Dionysus into curing his mothers madness. Damon is very loyal to the Olympians, as he could have easily joined Kronos and the Titans, but chose to fight on the Olympians' side.
However his friend nico, once tricked Percy and him into coming to the Underworld so he could gain answers about his mother, but he wasn't planning on Percy becoming imprisoned. And Damon essentially forced to become a soldier (as hades believe damon could help him) however damon is smart enough to trick hades and save percy and nico
By standing up to both Kronos and Hades, he reveals his bravery and boldness. In fact, the only time Damon is ever portrayed as terrified is in the labyrinth where confesses his feeling to quinn, and does not want help from anyone. He keeps to himself, and his secretiveness causes plenty of problems throughout the series. Damon wants to help Jason and is very miserable at the thought that Jason did not trust him after his dad tricked him as well. By the end, they were back to a Brotherly relationship.
Though he tries hard not to show it, Damon is plagued by incredible internal pain. For one: as a son of thanatos, he is not accepted by other demigods.
Damon, apparently, also has tremendous, virtually indomitable willpower, since he was able to survive in Tartarus on his own while seeing the place in all of its ineffable horrors for the entire time
When quinn and Damon establishes a empathy link quinn is shocked by just how much pain and anguish is inside of him and blushes when he realizes how much Damon cares for him
Damon is also shown to care for his boyfriend a lot (quinn) when he cried when he lost his memories and Annabeth confronted him
Love interest: Clarrise, Nico, quinn Friends: Nekros, Quinn, Nico Teachers:
Fatal Flaw: inability to trust people abilities and tools:

  1. Flight Damon has the power to manifest bird wings in order to fly.
  2. Enhanced swordman ship Damon has enhanced scythemanship and double swordsmanship meaning that he is extremely proficient at using a scythe and duel wielding
  3. Death sense Damon has the power to sense death.
  4. Death precognition Damon has the power to see how a person will die in his dreams (though he doesn't know when)
  5. Damon himself can't manipulate shadow but when in darkness he seems dissapear completely
  6. Absorbtion Damon Can minorly drain his opponent's life-force, though not enough to kill so that they become weaker, slower, and almost sedated for a short time. However, using this in succession will weaken the power’s effect.
  7. Necromany shape shifting: Damon has the power to disguise people as undead and back.
  8. Past life regression Children of Thanatos tend to remember their past life if they die.
  9. Animal telepathy Damon has the power to talk to and control butterflies and certain birds (namely ravens just thought that be fun)
  10. Manipulation Damon is a naturally good door-to-door salesman.
  11. Death radius Damon knows the name, gender, and cause of death of everybody that has recently died in a select radius,(usually about a mile) but he can block those thoughts if he concentrates hard enough.
  12. Necromancy Damon is able to summon lost spirits human or animal to guide him since they have the power of necromancy. Although animals tend to listen to him more and he has a easier time summoning them his necromancy is far superior to even a child of hades. [Some would argue other wise but I'd argue a child of the literal personification of death would be better at necromancy then the child of the lord of death/god of the underworld plus he's known as the god of peaceful death and is known to be very gentle and hades just plops them down to tartarus I'd think spirits and skeletons would be more inclined to listen to him]
  13. Enviormental advantage Damon is stronger in graveyards or anywhere where many people have died
  14. Necromancy Damon can send spirits back to the underworld.
  15. Healing Damon can take away the pain of somebody who is severely injured and close to death so they'll feel more at peace when they die
  16. Pain inducement If Damon is angry enough can inflict pain on someone to the point they'll pass out
  17. Pain immunity Damon innately doesn't feel pain nor is afraid of death.
  18. Summoning Damon has the power to summon scythes and swords from the ring of darkness
  19. Intangibility Damon can temporarily turn into ghost although this drains his stamina extremely quickly
  20. Pyrokenesis Damon can crack open the earth and semi manipulate underworld flames since he's a child of death and legacy of vulcan [can create small fissures in the ground which spew plumes of hellfire for a few moments before closing. The hellfire is more powerful than normal fire, but can also harm the user, so this power must be used carefully.]
  21. Semi Techkenesis Damon can easily diamantle machines but has a harder time building them
  22. Possession Damon can temporarily possess Mortal for about 10 minutes although he has a much harder time with demi gods
  23. He can speak greek english and spanish (and some semi latin)
  24. duel wielding after Damons scythe broke (nico made two swords specifically makhiara from them although there wasnt enough material so he used adamantium) he picked up fighting with two swords made from the Stygian iron of his scythe and adamantium specifically Makihiara hese are beautiful sword primarily designed to hack and slash but still capable of stabbing when you see them on the Internet be aware they have a second edge running down the back of the blade so that you can backhand slash as well, really cool sword.
25.super strength even for a normal demi god Damon is strong enough to pin the likes of ares to the ground he has been compared to hercules and Frank though not quite as physically strong as those two annabeth notes if he wasn't so skinny he might be able to take on frank
  1. Limited Vulcans blessing With vulcans blessing Damons weapons become burning hot nearly lit in flames and he becomes unable to be hurt by physical weapons for a shot period of time
  2. he has a limp and is absolutely crap at smithing,(although he can easily dismantle things) instead he was given the ability to control smoke and wielding warhammers came easy to him.
28.Children of Thanatos are able to see the lifespan of others, but are forbidden to share information about the lifespan in any way.
  1. Damon can use astral projections although his body is completely defenseless when he does this he can however go through walls fly possess people and is completely invisible
[Children of thanatos are capable of entering into a contract with a willing soul, either prior to their death or after meeting them as a ghost. Once a contract is made, the user gains the ability to summon the spirit into an undead recreation of its former body, formed from the earth, to fight alongside them for a time. The undead would retain all of the skills and physical abilities they had in life, including weaker versions of any special powers. When the summoning ends, or the spirit's summoned body is destroyed, the user is left heavily drained and could possibly faint. Only one contract can be held at a time]- experimental idea
Weaknesses: •silver (Damon was cursed by the gods to be vulnerable to silver)
•Anger (when damons angry he loses control of his powers and ends either unable to channel them or hurting himself and the opponent)
•quinn (as hes hard to resist as damon puts)
Fear: Being abandoned Sexuality: Bisexual Birthday: December 27th
Current partner: Quinn Hart Rival: Thalia grace, Ethan Nakurama, Frank Zhang
Godly relationship: Children of thanatos are extremely good friends with children of hades and children of ares due to thanatos relationship with ares / hades. damon is also on good terms with children of Demeter and persophone
Damon also hates hera naturally due to his grandfathers perantage
Damon hates children of nyx and aphrodite
Damon Hates hunter of artemis and treats artemis with grudging respect quote
Prophecy: the child of death Night and healing shall come together, Shadows shall fall over olympus, and one shall perish together, the minor gods shall force your hand, and the child of zues final stand
People in the prophecy: Damon Nyxxie Quinn and ???
Damon and Quinns relationship: He first met Quinn when he entered his house through the window during a monster attack. When Quinn asked if Damon wanted him to bandage the wound on his shoulder, he was rather taken aback, but agreed. He was telling him that the city was Raided by constant monster attacks and that he was suprised the mortals didn't see it although he expected quinn to see him as a crazy person. Quinn immediately agreed and with him and laughs, surprising Damon. Quinn then telling him he was a demi god Damon seems to, in a sense, care for Quinn deeply and he sees him as innocent. He admires the fact that Quinn wants to find a better way of doing things than killing but tells him he's foolish for thinking so. It is known that Damon and Quinn have romantic feelings toward each other; a few hints are given off every time Damon has an issue. For example, quinn gives Damon a "goodnight kiss", but this was in fact a "goodbye kiss", also used as a thank you to Damon for all he's done for quinn. Quinn also didn't want to involve Damon with his quest in fear of Damon getting hurt. Then, in sea of monsters, when Quinn kills a guard for harming Damon, Damon feels it's his fault and shows a surprising amount of emotion when he cries for making Quinn do such a thing. And despite his belief that survivors are the winners, Another hint that they have romantic feelings for each other is seen in The battle of the labyrinth when Damon states, "I have fallen", after thinking about Quinn; however the true meaning of what he says is unclear at the time, it later becomes more clear. Damon kissed Quinn in a romantic sense during The titans curse promising him that they would meet again.
Damon has shown signs of being protective over Quinn, as he helps him out in his own special way throughout the series to help him adjust to life in camp half blood, but it was most prominently shown in Lightning theif, Damon lies to Quinn, in order to calm him, "At the end of the day, you and I are just..." right when he was about to say something unknown, an officer spots them and aims his gun at Quinn; (they were stealing) Damon quickly runs in front of Quinn and takes the bullet for him. This is very significant because throughout the series, Damon states that once you find something to protect, you lose, Damon tried denying the fact that he loved Quinn to the point where he would protect him up until that point where he lays his own life on the line to protect Quinn.
Throughout the series, the two have intimate moments that further deepen their relationship; Quinn tries comforting Damon when he first notices the changes due to his hair, even saying he preferred Damon new white streak of hair to his old black hair, offered to help him dye it back if wanted to, and called the snake coiled around his body charming/sexy.
While Quinn was being hit on by the
Damon says he (Quinn) belongs to him, he even goes so far as to say that Quinn was head over heels in love with him and no matter how pretty she is, he wouldn't fall for a woman like her. Later, Quinn strangles Luke when he asks Damon to work as one of his Soldiers/minions. quinn was clearly more upset over the situation than Damon was himself and he even wraps an arm around Quinn's shoulders as a form of comfort as the two start to leave. Annabeth points out Quinn
is the only person that can get Damon emotional and vice versa. Damon and Quinn dance in the celebration of getting the master bolt back coming sooner, Quinn tries getting out of it by saying he can't dance, so Damon teaches him how to waltz and throughout the entire dance, the two seem to be staring into the other's eyes. Damon often holds Quinn's chin in the series to get him to look him in the eye, the movement often makes people think that he's about to kiss him, and Damon has been shown straddling Quinn on different occasions as well.
Damon first realizes he has feelings for quinn in the titans curse at first he tries to deny these feelings as hard as he can as a man can't love another man right? he had an unnoficial relationship in battle of the labyrinth Slowly Damon warmed up to the idea but on a peticular day where quinn tries to force the relationship to go faster it causes Damon to start avoiding avoiding quinn and Causing damon to get back in his shell in a order to make things right quinn takes damon on a date (which he didnt realize at first) and it was all so silly that Damon ends up in a laughing fit and kissing quinn finally causing to officially start dating
One of there scenes together establishes this, with an upset Damon crying on Quinn's lap as Quinn reassures him. The two are also seen holding hands and sitting very close to one another on several occasions. When Damon becomes the lead Quinn, supports him from the background. In one scene, he gives Quinn a rose to reassure him when Quinn becomes jealous over Damon calling clarrise "lovely"
Unlike most demi gods he addresses all the gods as his family such as calling Hephaestus grandfather and zues great grandfather
Annabeth notes that if quinn and damon were to have a child it would be very powerful as legacy of thanatos vulcan mars and legacy of Aesculapius Which causes damon to blush fiercly and have him question how they could have a child
Damon avoids going to places like peru and afghanistan due to how many have died there.
Damon had a relationship with clarrise at some point but breaks up with her inbetween sea of monsters and titans curse (maybe?)
Damon's mother noted that he was close to naming him pythias but his father decided against it and that if he had a brother that's what he would be named
Damon named his scythe devils edge
And named his makihira night prowlers
Prophecy of 7 Percy Annabeth Frank Piper Jason grace Hazel Leo
[Damon's prophecy: Damon Quinn Ethan Thalia Nyxxie Luraline Andrew Nico]- experitmental future idea
Cabin: Thanatos' Cabin looks like a tall temple, with two inverted torches in place on opposite sides of the entrance. Once inside, Thanatos cabin is dark and gloomy, almost foggy, save a single light at the far end of the cabin. Immediately inside the cabin is a long corridor, doors peppering each side; girls on the right, and boys on the left. At the end of the hall is two doors; one leading to the Head's room, and the other leading to the Lieutenant's. Every door has a small tombstone imprinted on it, showing clearly whom it is that owns the room.
Damon is similar to percy and jason in the regard that they were both named after a figure in greek mythos who had a happy ending
Thanatos runs a place of enthusiasm (suicide)
The entity to Damon-
"You wanna know how the universe started? Ok pay attention A long time ago actually never and also now nothing was nowhere when? Never. Makes sense right? Like I said it didn't happen nothing was never anywhere that's why its been everywhere it's been so everywhere you dont need a where you dont even need a when that's how every nothing gets. Still following?"
"No? Ok. Imagine it like this your nothing and you just think forget this I wanna be something to somewhere do something I want things to change I want stuff I want to invent time and space and I know it's possible because everything which is nothing is here and it's already happened I just dont know when to start. And that's exactly where its started and that's also why I'm able to talk to you Damon because you are nothing
experitmental idea: Make damon the God of brutal death one day??
Damon and Quinn ship name: Half ghost
Y̵̛̖̺̱̌̈́̽̈͗͆͋̈̃͆̅̄͋͝ͅo̷̧̊̀͌͊u̴̧̙̮͕̳̦̙̬͈̅̈́̄͂̽͛̑ ̸̙͒̅̈́́͆͗̌̋͐̒̇͘̚͝c̶̨̡̢̡̛͍̯̯̫̻̮̝̗͒̀͒̈́̾͊̿a̸̧͔͚̗̥̻̯̟̤͒̐̓͗̐͊̏͆̈́̈́̋̅̋̇̿ͅn̶̯̝̋͑͑̾̀̈́̚͝'̵̧̝̦͈̮̀͋̈̔̉̑̚͠t̸̙̙̦͓̼̝̭͔̲͙̅ ̶̢̤͉͖͚̞̹̉̅̾̈́̈́̈́̾̿̂̑̍͐͂̓̓p̴̢̯̍̔̕̕r̵̢̛̟͚̜̣͈̐͂̂̂̌̔͛̍̂̌̿͝ȯ̴̥̭̗̠͙͇̖͆̉̓̾͋͘ͅt̷̲͖͕̺͔͔̤̘̳̀̅̈͐ě̴̢͈̞̮̜̣͖̞̘̲͎̈́c̵̡̺͍̘̎̆͂͛͘͠ţ̷̧̗̙̣͕̩̤̳̜̈͒̒̽͆̓̃͂̄̏͊͝͝ ̷̛̮̔̒̑͆̇̓̅t̴͇͖̤̜̰̣̗̗̦̐́̐̋̊͑̾̈́̎͌̈́̔̕͜ḩ̷̱̤̹͔̼̈́̓̃̐̅̍̎̅͂̓̃͝͝ḛ̴̲͙̣̺͖͙̪̥̋m̷̨̦͍͖̮͇͉͖͓̺͓̙͐ ̶͙̪̣̱̠̳̩̭͔̱̔̏̅̓̇̍͂̈͝͝ͅ
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2021.12.06 20:55 sidekickestelle She pooped in the tub for the first time

Hey, I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this but my cat (7months) pooped in the bathtub for the first time and I’m a little overwhelmed. I cleaned her big litter box today and filled it with lots of litter, and it was nothing out of the ordinary, same litter, same box, nothing new. She even pooped in the litter box a few hours ago but after dinner decided to poop in the tub. Is she saying she doesn’t like the litter? The clean smell? I throughly washed it with a lil soap and lots of water (again something I’ve always done) so why is she „protesting“ now? Any ideas?
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2021.12.06 20:55 plutonium-239 The Frameshift Drive might become a reality!

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2021.12.06 20:54 good1mufferaw Don't read if you struggle with an ED, or could find my post triggering.

i have struggled with an eating disorder since i was about thirteen. I have never been underweight though i've discussed the relationship i have with food and the struggles i feel surrounding it with close family and friends: i have never been considered one to have an eating disorder in the eyes of the people i know. One time i managed to lose weight abit of weight, i was about fourteen at the time - my psychologist often seemed bitter at times, and wasn't very comforting to my previous teen me. i once opened up to her that i often feel guilty when eating and that sometimes i wouldn't eat dinner. she said to me "how can you say something like that when your stomach goes inward when you sit". I'm still confused about her reply, and it has made me somewhat reluctant of seeking any help. - It comes in waves, the longest i've gone with restricting is about a month, then i'm always back at literally not giving a damn what i eat at all. Then something will trigger me again later, and i'll be back to restricting. because i've never been underweight, i feel like people don't take me seriously when i tell them about my struggle. sometimes i want to starve myself, just so that people will take me seriously, i don't think they believe me when i tell them i have an eating disorder. it feels so isolating, and i don't know whom to talk to. every time i start restricting again i always tell myself "this is it, this is the time you are going to make it" and every time i fail, and i feel so shitty about myself. even now i'm thinking that "i have this job on thursday and friday, i don't want to eat anything, but i can't risk fainting in front of everyone" - it has happened before, and it was so embarrassing. i passed out three times in the span of half an hour, an ambulance came to work and they took some tests on me, turns out that because i hadn't eaten anything the whole day, and was mainly standing still behind a desk, my blood circulation was too slow at passing oxygen throughout my body. i hate that i only have friends that are skinnier than me, and when we eat together they all eat the tiniest amounts of food, how can they do that do they want me to feel bad about my body?. i don't even know what a normal portion size is anymore, either its too small or too big. i've eaten so much today, and it's so hard to start restricting again when you have to start at the beginning... again. and at the same time i don't want to restrict, i don't want to think about food all day long, i don't want to sit with my phone in hand for an hour contemplating whether i should order the pizza or not, i don't want to throw up in the toilet or stick anymore toothbrushes down my throat. i just want to enjoy a nice dinner without feeling like the world is going to crash beneath my feet. and then i want to look like i'm dying, i want to show people that i wasn't bulshitting or that i'm actually good at something. i want people to care and not just nod their heads quietly when i need their support so badly. i don't want to be able to grab at my stomach fat when im seated on the toilet. sometimes i kinda just want to disappear. i just want to be able to eat healthy foods that are rich in nutrition and go to the gym a couple of times a week like a normal healthy person would. i just want to be able to workout without becoming completely obsessed, yet again, about counting the calories of my 300 ml iced coffee. fuck shit fuck i really didn't mean for my post to take the turn that it did. it is a rant after all, and at some point i just don't really care about editing my words to sound more cohesive or sane. im so fucking done, and i just want to have my donut in peace. sorry
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2021.12.06 20:54 MightyDinkles My bands new single before the release of our first album we've been working at since 2018 - It's experimental alternative rock stuff :) hope you enjoy!

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2021.12.06 20:54 UGotToHelpOldGillOut Why is Mid Vieira twice the price of base Vieira?

There’s 9 igs between cards. The mid has 4 more pace and 5 more agility, but that is almost the only difference. I get the mid is a little better, but the price difference seems insane.
Is there that much difference between the two?
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