Family sucks

2021.12.06 21:16 B_O_R_E_D_O_M Family sucks

Imma move and sell drugs or sum shit
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2021.12.06 21:16 mbt9000 Theoretically, if someone was to solely have a routine of only bench press, squat, Row and deadlift, what would be the best way to program it into an effective routine?

As above
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2021.12.06 21:16 snoops_nz “Who is it?”

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2021.12.06 21:16 ferne96 Please write to our MP about the Olympic Games

Hi fellow Victorians. The US announced today that they would be boycotting the Beijing Olympics diplomatically. I hope Canada will follow suit so I wrote to our MP about this. If you agree with this sentiment, I would really appreciate it if you could do the same when you have a minute to spare.
To make it as easy as possible, I quoted my email below. You can use it as is, or modify it however you'd like. Thanks in advance!

Email title: Please support the boycott of the Beijing Olympics Dear Laurel Collins [or replace with your MP], I am writing to you to express my support for Canada to follow the United States in its diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Olympics. In light of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) 's numerous human rights abuses against various individuals and peoples, I do not believe our free and democratic country should support the Beijing Olympic Games in any way. As you are aware, the two Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have recently returned home following nearly three years of arbitrary detention by the CCP. As political pawns, they were held in rooms that were lit 24 hours a day and were questioned for up to 8 hours a day through no fault of their own. The CCP poses a threat to not only its many neighboring countries, but also to many of its own peoples including the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, Tibetans, Mongolians, the people of Hong Kong, and many more. To me and many other of your constituents in Victoria, it is obvious that the values the CCP represents are in polar contrast with Canadian values of human rights and democracy. It would be a tragedy for our government to support the Beijing Olympic Games in light of this. On December 6, 2021, the United States announced it would boycott the Beijing Olympic Games diplomatically. It is reasonable to anticipate that other Western nations will follow suit, and I hope Canada will be one of them. It is high time that we act in accordance with our believes. Thank you for your time. Respectfully, [NAME GOES HERE] 
(To mods: I read the rules on the sidebar and didn't think this breaks any of them, except possibly Rule 4 against advertisements or solicitations. I hope this is okay because I do not gain anything personally from this, and this is quite an important issue for many Canadians and Victorians in particular.)
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2021.12.06 21:16 JzxGamer Is it possible to create a shortcut to a file (program exe) whose directory/parent folder name changes every time the program gets automatically updated?

I have Norton 360 installed on my computer and it updates automatically. The exe to run Norton 360 is called “uistub.exe” and it’s located in the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Engine64[##.##]\uistub.exe
Where [##.##] is the current software version.
Every time the software updates, the [##.##] folder name changes to reflect the new software version. This means that the exe file’s path changes each time the software updates.
I have been using RocketDock to display docked shortcuts on my desktop and every time Norton Updates, it breaks my shortcut because the path to the exe is no longer the same.
Even if I wasn’t using RocketDock and just had the shortcut directly on the desktop, the shortcut breaks because the path has changed.
My question is:
Is there a way to create a shortcut that dynamically updates the path whenever the software updates. It’s really annoying to have to update the shortcut every time there’s an update to the software.
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2021.12.06 21:16 PaulineKolesar [H] 5000+ Customers! - NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Game Pass, NBA League Pass, HBO Max Personal, Disney+ Personal, ESPN+ Personal, Crunchyroll Personal, DAZN, Shudder, Sling TV, Directv, NBA, UFC, MLB, Digital News - New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist et [W] Paypal, Cash App, Stripe, Crypto

Welcome to the Titan Shop
We provide access to streaming, vpn and many other digital services for dirt cheap price
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Yearly prices. You have to pay only once for a year. And if within you face any issues within a year you get quick replacements.
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2021.12.06 21:16 KnicksAreBackBaby How often do you drink

View Poll
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2021.12.06 21:16 ohelmore Clem with short hair

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2021.12.06 21:16 DRETIME THC, LSD, DXM, and the munchies

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2021.12.06 21:16 Lucy_Costume #Helga G. #Pataki - Hey, Arnold

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2021.12.06 21:16 remykonings One-way-sync of a Google Drive folder to a second folder on same Google Drive for backup? (Serverside possible?)

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2021.12.06 21:16 jesusvsaquaman I wish there was a way to track all the “the market will crash! Sell everything!” posts. I wanna see what type of BS they’re posting now

The market is already starting to slowly recover. In fact, the people who have been here long enough know that this “dip” is NOTHING compared to the ones we had previously.
In actually kinda wanna thank these people for helping buy up cheap before the new year lol.
Already started loading up on BTC, ETH and some ALGO and AAVE since DeFi is starting to pick up fast. I might get into new DeFi projects like New Order for the dutch auction this Thursday on SushiSwap’s Miso. I wont miss an opportunity this dip and no one should.
Always remember, this market profits patience not panic.
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2021.12.06 21:16 bestevansko Pinto Bean the Spreagle, Beagle/springer spaniel, aka the best thing to happen to our family.

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2021.12.06 21:16 realsunhero Evolution

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2021.12.06 21:16 lilfakegamer smiling when i see you 😋❤️ [F23]

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2021.12.06 21:16 OhBoyes Co-op?

Anybody on the west coast looking to start a new character playthrough? Tryna have fun but theres not a lot of people who play this gem anymore :(
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2021.12.06 21:16 LongBallToNoone Just after midnight, I did the thing my wise part knows not to

... But feeling fantastic for now
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2021.12.06 21:16 thegoldenboy58 [Request] Bleach: Between Kenpachi's fight which Ichigo and his fight with Komamura and Tosen which put out more force?

Kenpachi in the SS arc makes and takes some pretty big attacks.
I want to know which is more impressive.
The feats from Komamura and Tosen fighting Kenpachi.

  1. Komamura destroys part of the bridge connecting the structure.
  2. Tosen collapses even the front part of the structure.
  3. Kenpachi kicks Tosen hard enough that the back of the structure explodes.
Kenpachi final clash with Ichigo.
  1. Kenpachi cuts a building in half after taking off his eyepatch.
  2. Kenpachi and Ichigo clash create shockwaves powerful enough to collapse the buildings around them.
Which required more force to destroy? The buildings that Ichigo and Kenpachi collapsed or the structure Kenpachi, Tosen and Komamura broke?
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2021.12.06 21:16 tupac_amaru_v Noticing Increased Destruction

Is anyone else noticing increased destruction? I noticed this on the B sector buildings on Manifest as I decided to lob a rocket into a building.
It’s very possible I’m simply spending more time loitering and defending objectives (which is more viable now after the weapon bloom fix), therefore seeing more destruction over time.
I’ll happily shit all over this mess of a game, but it was nice to see what, in my perception, seemed like “more” destruction.
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2021.12.06 21:16 PhebeSandifer Watch out, Xmas is coming

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2021.12.06 21:16 FlavioDyramNobleSix Fear about the single player

From what I am Reading [Reviews/Discussions] about Halo infinite campaing:
We have basically what I feared the most:
-Repetitive and Pointless open world, with no biomes variety
-Story feels like a introduction on what Will come next, this time we will just spank some angry Banished? (hope not so badly)
-Repetitive fights/Missions (as clear this outpost from enemies, repeat)
This is the game I was waiting for years and years (for me before halo 4/5) about an Amazing and Rich franchise The game with the greatest budget behind Maybe this is hard copium hoping that It Will be the complete opposite. I Just feel sad.
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2021.12.06 21:16 housemd23 ITE importance

Hi everyone, question for those applying and those who applied and completed fellowship:
How important were your ITE scores?
Everyone talks about how basic and advance are obviously the big boys and ITE can kind of help guide how hard you need to study for those. But my question is for fellowship how much would you say your ITE score was the most important test score on your app? Also what score did you have that you successfully matched to your fellowship of choice (averages for each fellowship)? Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 21:16 VennysCult Who is your favorite guitarist?

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2021.12.06 21:16 russellsample I think I created an amazing meme template image

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2021.12.06 21:16 ToastyMT Inexperienced FMQ question

I am about to start fmq-ing on a domestic machine with a stencil for the first time. I have made a wall hanging and have a little bit of fmq experience but not much and this will be my first large project. In my past quilts (non-fmq), I have machine quilted starting near the center to avoid any funky bunching or drift with backing and batting. I was thinking of starting this quilting from an edge so I'm not beginning with the focal point since I'm not that experienced. Does that sound like a good plan or should I still start near the center? Any tips for avoiding creases/keeping my layers straight?
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