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Singer Natalie Imbruglia mixes motherhood with ‘personal’ new album

2021.09.25 01:34 james33299 Singer Natalie Imbruglia mixes motherhood with ‘personal’ new album

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2021.09.25 01:34 xWezz When did it become normal to record instead of trying to help?

Whenever something happens people pull out their phone instead of helping.
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2021.09.25 01:34 Marco-2001 Little giant🖤

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2021.09.25 01:34 lagoontheworst the plugs that lost connection

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2021.09.25 01:34 QuantumDigit235 Game link cable compatibility

I already own a Gameboy Color and I've decided to go for a 2x LSDj setup. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy a DMG, however I need a link cable, and while I'm comfortable that I know a fair bit about LSDj, I'm still clueless when it comes to hardware mods. Does the original Gameboy link cable fit the color and the DMG?
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2021.09.25 01:34 gdmfsobtc CZeptember

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2021.09.25 01:34 k0cyt3an 🦖

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2021.09.25 01:34 Kylock__ First of a new Anarchist merc company, loosely inspired by Māori

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2021.09.25 01:34 JustCallMeYarr Happy first birthday, Baby Nala 🎉

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2021.09.25 01:34 bread_queen if you ever feel / like coming home, you know where / i keep the spare key.

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2021.09.25 01:34 Visible-Elk1419 Help, month long period!

Hey ladies, as the title suggests I’ve been on my period for 22 days now and see no near end in sight. This is my first period after my second covid vaccine and a lot of friends are telling me this may be the cause. I also started hormonal bc for my acne (Cyestra-35) which may also be causing my period to last so long.
I start my period on the 7th of each month but started random spotting this month on the 3rd which I thought was just my period coming early and I started my pill.. but no, my actual period still came on the 7th and has been going on ever since. I had the normal heavy to medium spotting during the first 7 days which is what happens but then it never stopped? Over the past two weeks it has gone from dark brown and very light flow to dark brown and heavy flow and is now bright red (with a few clots as well) after two days of looking like it was going to stop.
Anyone face the same issues after their vaccine or starting bc?
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2021.09.25 01:34 Antique_Edge1265 AdaptBSC - This revolutionary project is taking reflection tokens to another level || September - 8% ADA - Rewards October - 8.5% ADA Rewards and so on, this will go on till it hits 15%


Transparency: ADAPT is decentralized and is supported by its community of dedicated people. They are all about open communication and want to build the foundation on transparency, trust, and community.

Trust: In cryptocurrency market trust is the most important factor. This means full transparency not only in the community and development but also in security efforts. The team from ADAPT is willing to dox themselves, when certain Marketcaps are reached. They are also planning to get audited by a third party dessert finance. LP tokens will be locked aswell.

Longterm: ADAPT is here to stay. The decentralized community is fostering and adopting long term development of the ecosystem and foundation in efforts to drive real use cases, and greater rewards beyond any temporary trends.

Community-powered: ADAPT is decentralized and owned by its dedicated and vibrant community. They welcome and embrace different perspectives to build ADAPT into the best community in crypto.


- 8% in ADA rewards.

ADA reflections will increase 0.5% every month for the Buy transactions. The sell fee will always stay at 15%. By November 2022 you will receive 15% ADA Rewards on Buy transactions!

- 1% To Fuel the Liquidity Pool

- 1% Marketing Wallet

🔹 Contract: 0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Renounced Ownership:

🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.25 01:34 veselek Server crashes in stronghold

I'm playing on a server with only 1 other person, but this happened on two different accounts. Basically, I went into the server and after days of playing, I decided to find an EndPortal stronghold. That's when it happened - the server crashed and closed. At first, we thought it was an issue with the launcher I was using, so I switched to the regular minecraft one. The first thing that was popping up is the stack.overflow error. We played arround with memory allocation, nothing worked, so I decided to play on a regular launcher, losing all the items I had on the other account in the process.
Then, I decided to enter the stronghold again. Server crashed. It's been happening pretty consistently, I cannot even get into the server and teleport out since I have a split second when I enter the server again. This is clearly an issue with the world itself. Any way to fix it without having to nuke the server completely?
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2021.09.25 01:34 BigAlsLobsters does this mean i’ve been fired?

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2021.09.25 01:34 james33299 Prada strips dresses back, foulard inspires Versace in Milan

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2021.09.25 01:34 AlgerianMath I am a math student heading into 1B, any suggestions for elective courses that are interesting/useful?

I am currently in 1A. For reference my current courses are:
Math 135 Math 136 Engl 109 Phys 121 Cs 135
Courses that I plan on taking in 1B are:
Math 136 Math 138 Engl 109 (communications in Math and cs) Cs 136
What Electives do you suggest? Currently I am not sure what I want to major in, so I might take Phys 122 to keep as many doors open (I don't really like physiscs). Aside from that I might take American sign language purely because it seems to be useful and interestjng
Potential majors I am most interested in:
Pure math Applied Math Combinatorics and optimization Computational math
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2021.09.25 01:34 Agents_Of_Influence Cookie, my little cutie

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2021.09.25 01:34 SummerDearest And I'm not talking about Lactose Intolerance. What a bummer!

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2021.09.25 01:34 Dreadmau5e Always been curious about this

Position on blowjobs
View Poll
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2021.09.25 01:34 Mr_Videodrome_Clown SING TAO TE CHING

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2021.09.25 01:34 Beeffruit Probably the creepiest screenshot I've taken in this game

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2021.09.25 01:34 wearshoodiesinsummer Spotted Capri WT in store!

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2021.09.25 01:34 beansss5 Why are bits of my polka dot hypotheses plant limp?

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2021.09.25 01:34 Flynnius Weird Display College Xbox (Res is 1080 already)

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2021.09.25 01:34 perastikoss Smoke Etizolam PG on normal cigarettes

can you dip a bit of etizolam on a cigarette and smoke it? as far as I know this should work better than vaping it because it reaches higher temperatures where etizolam can be evaporated unlke with vaping
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