To wit's end

2021.09.25 02:59 Personwhoisstupid To wit's end

So it appears you screen me in my veins you demand ignominy blood runnier than ichor issues from tissues which shoes land on this monument I wore near Mercury a slap on the spot like that you must be delivered a messenger who is their medium stark though Elysium is against the stygian mystery​\_pink\_and\_yellow\_cake/\_i\_ride\_my\_bike/
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2021.09.25 02:59 Affectionate-End-458 wtt for any idv Android account

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2021.09.25 02:59 Dame_Dollas [CA-AB] [H] GMK Hennessey, GMK Deep Navy, think 6.5 v1, WKL Polaris

hello looking to clear out most of my stuff to move into one of my end game boards, please comment before PM
WKL blue Polaris, board is built on an fr4 plate with lilac linears lubed and filmed with 205 g0, and zeal stabs also lubed with 205g0 board has tempest mod applied and case foam. The Board is in excellent condition, there is light patina on the brass weight and a small "smudge" on the corner of the weight, however the case is in excellent condition other wise asking 550$
Think 6.5 v1 space grey, board is built with zykos switches lubed with 3204 and c3 stabs lubed with 205 g0, the 2 keys above the badge are boba u4ts that I put in just to see how they would feel, board also has the tempest mod applied and sounds great asking 500$
GMK Hennessey, mainly used for pictures and not typed on extensively so no shine present and excellent condition asking 150$
GMK Deep Navy, brand new never typed on the box was opened to inspect for space bar warp but the space bars look great ! asking 300$

if you have any offers please feel free to send them but I am quite firm on the prices
*Striker not for sale
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2021.09.25 02:59 Phreesion IMF's Georgieva accuses former World Bank President Kim's office of manipulation

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2021.09.25 02:59 wonderfulmouse Woven wrap in fall colors

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2021.09.25 02:59 Familiar_Big3322 FTATF

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2021.09.25 02:59 old_story5500 Psalms

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”
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2021.09.25 02:59 doggo29 Sadness

Today I have found out that my crush has a crush on one of my friends...
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2021.09.25 02:59 GiveAll_2Me SUGGESTION: Let us reroll individual slots of the M+ vault using an earnable currency earned by completing M+ content. Same for raid / pvp.

This feeds into their infinite gameplay cycle.
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2021.09.25 02:59 Parking-Mirror7759 F20 am I??😘

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2021.09.25 02:59 Ami7hyp What is one reason you regret downloading Reddit?

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2021.09.25 02:59 ProofOrItDidnthappen Boebert says rape victims don't need abortions, they needed glocks.

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2021.09.25 02:59 NATURDAYZ Mallow Punks; We Want to Build a Community.

I'm not here to shill obnoxiously hard. I want to build a community thats it. The Mallows are prices reasonably at 0.02 eth. I wan't to give all of you guys a home away from home. Dm Mallow Boss on discord or ask in the chat if you have questions about our project.
Join Our Discord and come say hi!
Teaser Image:
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2021.09.25 02:59 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 02:59 lunagaric Thoughts on Love on the Spectrum tv show?

I just started the new season. any thoughts?
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2021.09.25 02:59 pandaisnotfunny YOOOO STFU, DAVID IS GAMING

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2021.09.25 02:59 Ok_String1699 streak 1 : une conversation que j'ai eu aujourd'hui

J'ai pensé que j'écrirais une conversation que j'ai eu aujourd'hui en francais, mais cette fois j'essayerai d'améliorer mes réponses. Le contexte de la conversation est que je me promenais avec une connaissance.
Moi : Il est malheureux qu'on marche avec le soleil directement dans les yeux.
Gabor : Oui, mais il faut qu'on apprécie le soleil, car l'hiver arrive bientôt. En Tunisie il y a du soleil tout au long de l'année. Ici le soleil me manque vraiment.
Moi : Dans ma ville d'origine, il pleut durant l'hiver. Je crois que c'est plus agréable d'avoir la neige que la pluie.
Gabor : Je suis d'accord. Est-ce qu'il y a beaucoup d'immigrants dans cette partie du pays-là ?
Moi : Oui, mais il y en a beaucoup partout. Sans les réfugiés comme toi, la population du pays n'agrandirait pas.
Gabor : Moi, je suis pas réfugié.
Moi : Je m'excuse, je voulais dire «immigrant».
On voit un groupe des personnes âgées qui dansent dans le parc.
Gabor : As-tu envie de les joindre ?
Moi : C'est une danse très lente, hein ? Je me demande s'ils dansent ici souvent.
Gabor : En fait ils ont ici chaque semaine. Ils font toujours un nouveau style de danse.
Moi : Alors, tu viens au parc souvent ?
Gabor : Oui, il y a 2 jours que je suis venu ici pour jouer au football. Et le dernier weekend j'ai regardé un match de baseball, c'était magnifique.
Moi : Magnifique, c'est pas un mot un peu trop pour un match de baseball ?
Gabor : Pas du tout. J'entendrais les cris d'encouragement chez-moi, alors je suis allé de voir le match. C'était le premier match de baseball que j'ai jamais vu !
Moi : Dans ce cas, je suis contente pour toi.
Gabor : Quel dommage que tu n'étais pas ici durant l'été. La piscine extérieure a été ouverte, et je nagais là avec mes amis presque tous les jours. C'était génial.
Moi : Je n'aime pas bien nager. Je n'ai pas encore un maillot de bain.
Gabor : Il n'est pas nécessaire, porte simplement un short. Au moins, c'est ce que je fais.
D'accord, j'ai fini. Dites-le-moi si vous l'avez trouvé trop long et j'abrégerai le prochain. Merci infiniment.
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2021.09.25 02:59 revanchist4231 Companion Creation

Hi! I'm new to Rangers of Shadow Deep, and was wondering if there was a way to make companions from scratch, or to extensively modify existing ones. I was hoping to play more of a two character campaign on solo, but none of the companions cost enough to play that. If there are no examples, do you think there would be any problems with trying to cost things yourself?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.25 02:59 standishchurch What did I take a picture of?

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2021.09.25 02:59 Elon_is_musky 😂😂

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2021.09.25 02:59 XXXNsfw18 Why hasn’t Jesse gone one the podcast?

He said he was taking a break for his mental health which is fine, but the he started his own series and bare even says anything about the rest of the NELK boys. Why wouldn’t he just go one the podcast and explain what he is doing? Feels like something happened between Jesse and Kyle. What do you guys think?
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2021.09.25 02:59 Avaf448 How is casual dating different from a romantic relationship?

What is the main difference between them? Does Casual dating imply romance or not really?
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2021.09.25 02:59 think_and_chitter Unexpected Contact Guidelines

TL:DR; Please offer your opinions on any/all of the questions below. I will go over them and attempt to make a future post summarizing the combined suggested guidelines for you to approve. Inspired by u/HBF0422's post "I was visited" and others, I've decided to enlist your help in order to come up with suggested guidelines on how to interact with unidentified beings when contact is unexpected, communication is lacking, and intentions may not be clear. In this situation, feelings of fear, anxiety, and resistance are natural, but may also negatively influence the experience for everyone involved. Below I am going to ask a few questions that I think best summarize the dilemmas initiated by unexpected and opaque contact. Hopefully, if we put our heads together and come up with good guidelines, they will help anyone who remembers them in a real life situation. We can do our planning and rationalizing now, so that we aren't caught unprepared when the paranormal activity begins. The process of attempting to answer the questions may also help you further develop your own personal opinions on the topic, as well as hearing other's views.
Please note that these questions are regarding unexpected and opaque contact, not contact initiated by you or someone else present (e.g. CE5).
The Questions

  1. Consent: As far as I can tell, the primary source of fear, anxiety, and panic is the lack of formalized consent. Most, if not all of us, would be more than happy to speak with and assist unidentified beings if they contacted us in a safe, transparent, respectful manner. For example, a telepathic "Hello there, I'd like to get to you better. Would you be comfortable if I de-cloaked and introduced myself? I promise I intend you no harm." Unfortunately, many encounters are frightening and confusing. Sometimes people wake up already being touched, or feel threatened by unexplained and unannounced movements in the dark. There are many possible reasons for this. Communication might be impossible at times. We may have already agreed to their terms, but simply forgot. The very nature of what we're witnessing might be projected onto them from our subconscious, meaning they might not be intentionally scaring us, but we are scaring ourselves by how we interpret their essence. Either way, it's natural to be cautious when something approaches you, touches you, enters your thoughts, or your home, without formal consent. The question is: should we react defensively until consent is requested/provided, or should we assume that their intentions are good and formal consent is not necessary or possible?
  2. Evidence: This one is a little more straight forward. Is gathering evidence a priority, or should we focus mostly on having the experience without distractions or skepticism? This may depend on the type of experience, such as UFOs vs. conscious contact vs. physical beings in your presence. Other people who can't be there will certainly appreciate the evidence, but the attempt to gather evidence may discourage the unidentified beings from continuing contact. Some believe that evidence will only be possible if permitted, given the advanced technology of unidentified beings. The question is: Should we attempt to gather evidence, or does that add unnecessary complication and distraction to an already chaotic situation?
  3. Communication: Once you are in contact, what is the best manner of attempting to communicate? It seems some form of telepathic communication is preferred by many unidentified beings, according to a large quantity of contactees, but many of us are not confident in our mental abilities, and the unidentified beings may not respond to internal thought in every situation. Perhaps there should be a hierarchy of what methods to try first, second, third, etc. What is the best and most efficient phrase to start with in order to initiate diplomacy and stabilize the situation with positive intentions? For example "I mean you no harm, would you like to communicate with me?" The question is: Should we attempt to initiate communication, and if so, what is the best method and the best opening phrase?
  4. Reality check: I hear people questioning their own mental capacity after having these experiences. Some may not even be certain if they were awake, or in an alternate dimension rather than this one. Is there a good way to perform a sort of reality check to quickly and reliable assess if we are awake, sober, and perceiving reality accurately? Something that would not only help us process what happened, but also lend credibility to our story when we share it with others later. The question is: Should we attempt to perform a reality check, and if so, what is the most efficient and reliable?
I hope these questions are helpful in sparking internal and external conversations about the nature of the phenomena and how we should approach these experiences. Personally, I have been wrestling with the question of consent since I first began researching this topic. I look forward to hearing your intelligent thoughts and feelings. I'll post some of my own brief answers in the comments below soon.
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2021.09.25 02:59 Gobby1985 Noémi - Y.O.U (Mezziah Mix) [2002]

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2021.09.25 02:59 meatballsandwish 29 [F4M] manila, philippines - looking for older men for casual dating

Hello! Long time bf broke up with me a while back and I would like to try out dating again.
I’m the shy, awkward, introverted, and quiet type.. lol. A little tomboyish. I like reading books, hiking, bike rides. I keep exotic pets, just small reptiles, insects, and amphibians, nothing too crazy. I have too many cats, all rescued, not planning to add more. I also have a dog, if you're a dog person, I wouldn't mind bringing her along on the first date.
Very into DIY projects, would love to learn carpentry someday if you're into that. I'm open to trying out new hobbies like cooking and sports. I paint for a living, also currently working on my second degree in the medical field.
5.2, morena. ideal date during the pandemic might be a day spent at a park, we could have coffee at one of the cafes near by to meet, chat and see if there’s chemistry..
More of a listener than a talker, I'm always open to hear what's on your mind. Would love to learn more about you.
Chat with me if interested, although I really prefer telegram, discord, or viber.
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