Miz and Maya did it better

2021.09.25 01:33 Free_Recognition8686 Miz and Maya did it better

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2021.09.25 01:33 BulkyExample5590 Bonus Cake ☀️ |Hold Bonus Cake, earn CAKE | Launch Pancakeswap 1 minute| Join Now

Welcome to Bonus Cake ☀️
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Our unique reward system is triggered by volume (buy + sell activity to cover gas fees). Payouts to holders may not occur every hour if trading volume is low. When this is the case, the amount of rewarded CAKE each holder will receive does not decrease. However, will accrue over a longer period of time until it is suitable for a payout to trigger (usually a few hours).
👶Token nomics:
👶 6% Redistribution in CAKE-6% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all Bonus Cake holders. Hold Bonus Cake, earn CAKE. Minimum 200,000 tokens
👶 Auto Paid Every 60 Minutes-For the first time ever, you don’t need to claim your earned CAKE.
It’s automatically sent to your wallet every 60 minutes.
👶 1% Liquidity Pool-1% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap.
It's automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).
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👶 Team Lead, Community Driven-Marketing 6% handling fee to ensure that we have the ability to support the team and marketing expenses in the future.
🚀 The biggest CAKE reflection token and the with auto-claim feature. Simply hold $BonusCake tokens in your wallet and you'll earn CAKE. In addition, there is a novel lottery mechanism. 🚀
The best way to contact the team is through our Telegram or Twitter. We are always available to help you!
📝Contract Address: 0xed16dfb0d467b9b6c202e323302dffb3bfd82d4a
💲Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xed16dfb0d467b9b6c202e323302dffb3bfd82d4a
💲Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xed16dfb0d467b9b6c202e323302dffb3bfd82d4a#readContract
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2021.09.25 01:33 rentz911 Best payware scania?

I've seen a lot of people praising Fred's scania as "the best scania payware mod" which i understand why but i want to if there's some other mods out there that i can go check. Thank you
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2021.09.25 01:33 Schodog First time stoner, just fired up 🔥 my first bowl!

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2021.09.25 01:33 Rkck3434 $ENTEF/ESE

This Esports small cap is worth a major look! Just turned nice quarterly revenues and looks ready to explode on a real small float. Couple of recent videos to watch for your viewing pleasure. Still trading below recent placement price and has $9.7M cash on hand, won't raise again below $4CAD.
CEO interview today - https://youtu.be/UlISd8UXQ7g
Interview from Sept 17th re: Recent aqusition - https://youtu.be/Bfbf8PanKgo
Happy investing!
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2021.09.25 01:33 Reasonable_Aioli8333 Biggest APM pirates I’ve ever seen, I boomered on my laggy iPad and lost to poisonous murlocs

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2021.09.25 01:33 Figwero Is this an Axanthic corn snake?

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2021.09.25 01:33 lchdz Too lazy to climb up on his own

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2021.09.25 01:33 Jestr333 ??? is ebgames canada rebranding into gamestop!? never seen a gamestop in my life

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2021.09.25 01:33 makzak 2M increase Recon.

Am I the first one?
Just got a decline letter for my 2M loan - due to unsatisfactory credit history - but they recorded the wrong score.
I was actually on a call with the SBA when they pulled it, and said it's above what it needs to be 710.
They recorded it as 540...
Just sent them a PDF with my credit pull form Experian. I wonder how this.. will go.
Am I the first one to be in Recon for the 2M increase?
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2021.09.25 01:33 JoshSmash81 The rare pugbull. My sister is moving home which means road trip with this thirteen year old pup. Still built like a little tank. Hates windshield wipers and sticks her head in the bottom of the car to hide.

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2021.09.25 01:33 Own_Juggernaut_9019 Wer will auf lori wixxen snap: jakobjuxxel

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2021.09.25 01:33 Salt-Shop All bark and some bite. China’s Bitcoin ban puts traders in the ‘fear’ zone

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2021.09.25 01:33 Internet-Just [16F] En l’école

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2021.09.25 01:33 burnout_beatz RIPSQUAD x BLADEE x LIL PEEP TYPE BEAT | "Pesticide" (prod. burnout beatz)

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2021.09.25 01:33 Dristen15 A vid about ben tellect

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2021.09.25 01:33 Agents_Of_Influence Cookie, my little cutie

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2021.09.25 01:33 Mr_Videodrome_Clown SING TAO TE CHING

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2021.09.25 01:33 MagicTurtle_159 My Crash Bandicoot Experiences

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2021.09.25 01:33 HoleyProfit BTC - Stage 14: "We know it's coming back"

BTC - Stage 14:
Public perception in stages of a bubble : BeatTheBear (reddit.com)
Stage 14 - Lower lows and lower highs zig zag.
The market will start to move down but it's no longer in the rug pull style drop of capitulation. it's into a zig zagging drop where it makes a new low but then has a fierce bear market rally. The lows are always lower and the rallies never come higher than the previous ones but coupled with the belief a new high is inevitable more and more people will start to risk more than they ever thought they would have - if they have anything left to risk. Others will have booms or hope and busts of panic into ups and down.

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2021.09.25 01:33 Antique_Edge1265 AdaptBSC - This revolutionary project is taking reflection tokens to another level || September - 8% ADA - Rewards October - 8.5% ADA Rewards and so on, this will go on till it hits 15%


Transparency: ADAPT is decentralized and is supported by its community of dedicated people. They are all about open communication and want to build the foundation on transparency, trust, and community.

Trust: In cryptocurrency market trust is the most important factor. This means full transparency not only in the community and development but also in security efforts. The team from ADAPT is willing to dox themselves, when certain Marketcaps are reached. They are also planning to get audited by a third party dessert finance. LP tokens will be locked aswell.

Longterm: ADAPT is here to stay. The decentralized community is fostering and adopting long term development of the ecosystem and foundation in efforts to drive real use cases, and greater rewards beyond any temporary trends.

Community-powered: ADAPT is decentralized and owned by its dedicated and vibrant community. They welcome and embrace different perspectives to build ADAPT into the best community in crypto.


- 8% in ADA rewards.

ADA reflections will increase 0.5% every month for the Buy transactions. The sell fee will always stay at 15%. By November 2022 you will receive 15% ADA Rewards on Buy transactions!

- 1% To Fuel the Liquidity Pool

- 1% Marketing Wallet
🔹 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Contract: 0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2#readContract

🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x831ee28bEfD29DFbF71A26c2266c0360F19A2e49
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2021.09.25 01:33 Forsaken_Pie5714 What are people from Scranton called ?

Basically the title. What are people from Scranton called ?
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2021.09.25 01:33 Ornery-Asparagus-347 Last New Years show

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2021.09.25 01:33 slim-jimm- Alberta Premier’s take on COVID-19

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2021.09.25 01:33 YobimboSlice Abyss is pain :(

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